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MP Dow just for fun Mar 30th

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You're plotting the YM here and not the cash right? Why did/do you choose 6 point tick sizes to create the MP graphic?
Its actually the floor contract for the $10 dow. Makes little difference if you plat the YM of the mini-dow but I thought I would amuse you with the floor contract !. Its cleaner and clearer. ^ tic was just a default to get the screen size to fit thats all. I actually plaot it tic by tic
by the way I wonder how many people realise that the Dow opened last week and only traded 16 above its open never rechallenging.
I was just looking at CBOT's new big Dow contract ($25) which has been running for a week now and trying to work out how much volume it has seen but all I could get was Friday's volume: 263 contracts and the open interest at close on Friday: 243 contracts.

I wonder what the high and low end of their expectations were and if they achived them...
I dug up some more volume and number of trades facts about the New Big Dow contract and posted them at the bottom of this topic:
CBOT Launches New $25 "BIG" Dow Product