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How to enable Alerts in eSignal

How to enable Alerts in eSignal

On the eSignal menus select: Tools -> EFS -> Alert List as shown in the image below. If the Alert List is already checked then you will have to do this a second time.

You will then be presented with an alert window which looks like this:

Right click on this alert window and make sure that the menu item Pop-up on Alert is checked.

Here is a picture of what the menu looks like:

Note how there is a tick to the left of the Pop-up on Alert menu item and that Single Line Mode is on. (You can tell that Single Line Mode is on because the option to switch to Double Line Mode is in the menu.)

Here is an image of alerts produced by the DVATool with Single Line Mode:

If Double Line Mode is on then when you right click the window you will see a menu with the option to switch to Single Line Mode:

This is what the above alert window looks like in Double Line Mode:

Note that High Contrast Mode is also enabled.

You can now close the window. If an alert is sent to this window then it will automatically pop-up and show you the alert.