The work of H.W. Steele

Recently, i came across a fellow at another website who has an interesting theory that i would like to pass on. I am still in the process of 'testing and validating' it but it does seem to show some promise. Basically , in short, his theory is that price and time are one and the same, intertwined in the same 'continuum' if you will.(heavily influenced by W.D.Gann perhaps?). PRICE IS TIME AND TIME IS PRICE. Here's what he does.In a nutshell he takes a swing high or low, to the next swing high or low, and calculates the price difference. the swing low on Oct 10 was 837, the next swing high was Oct14 at 1067 a difference of 230 points. To format this into a short term forecast he would move the decimal to the left one number . this gives 23 days.He uses calendar days in his count. Counting from the swing high at 1067 Oct 14 forward 23 days he would have a pivot point day Nov 6th. The exact day of the 1008.50 high was near the open on the 6th and definitely a turning point.Any way ,i have been 'experimenting' with using trading days ,instead of calendar days,and the same accuracy seems to hold true! 23 trading days from the 1067 high gives Nov 13th(the 816 low!)as a turning point or if you start your count from the day after the 1008.50 high gives Nov 14th which is a turning point also, the 918 swing high! Fun stuff! I'm still playing with this but there might be something here. BY the way, his method would show Monday to be a pivot day.(the diff from 825 to the 1008.50 high=183.50or 18.35 days... he would round to 18 and that would come in at sun. ,so he would move it to Mon.)time will tell!
I used to know a guy that did something very similar to this, I don't think it's Gann tho. The gentleman I knew did pretty much what you're talking about, he had cyclical dates & turning points. At the time I thought he was just another nut, I was wrong! He'd go long or short & anyone that could read a chart would think he was insane,,but he was right time after time,,the only thing is the days wouldn't be exact they could vary + or - 1 day. I believe this does have merit & is worth the time & research. Please keep us posted on how it works out.
anyone here remember trader Rick..? he use to post similar stuff on the Misc.invest.futures board...don't know what became of him
Very interesting stuff, I'm new to day trading, but I'm doing all my research so if you guys have any advice I'll be thankful
Kool see if this makes sense. If you take the low of 10/10 = 837.00 & the high of 11/5 = 1008.50 you get 171. Move the decimal gives you 17 days. Begining with 11/5 high and counting forward 17 trading days not counting Thankgiving & the following Fri., because of the 1/2 day, you end up with Monday 12/1.
makes perfect sense, and what a pivot day it was! peak of 897.50 still holding! Good job!
now we have from 739 to 897.50 =158.5or 15.85 days ,call it 16 days forward from Dec 2... Time will tell!
Note also the swing low at 816.75 to the swing high the very next day at 918= 10days counting forward also gave Dec 1!(confirmation?)
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