Mortgage Calculator

By default, the Mortgage Calculator allows you to vary the loan amount, the interest rate, or the loan term by moving the sliders. The sliders are range bound by the min and max values to the right of them. If you want to decrease the min value available to the slider or increase or decrease the max value then just use the up down arrows on those values.

The mortgage calculator is setup to calculate the monthly payment. However, if you wanted to calculate on the other values then just click on the radio button to the left of it. You could then vary, for example, the monthly payment to see how what loan amount you could afford.

As you move the sliders to the right and left you will notice that the principal and interest payoff charts will automatically resize.

If you enter values for insurance and/or tax (property tax) then those will be added to your monthly payment to give you a more realistic view of loan affordability.