Trader's Chair

I'm a firm believer in spending money on a good chair because I sit in one most of the day. Currently the one that I have is a Steelcase Leap like the one in this image (except that mine's a different color).

What type of chair do you have?

I use my bed lol...
My @ss-holding contraption since I began trading:
Click image for original size
trading chair
I have a Herman Miller Mirra chair, and I like it pretty well.
I ran a lot but didn't change my running shoes enough and developed a spur on my heel.
Now I have added a chair to my office. I can change between the two from time to time cuz I don't want to develop a spur on my a**.
how much did you pay for it?
I've had it for awhile. It was in another room not being used so I put it in my office. I think it was $279. My plans are to move into another room and build another desk with hydraulics. Then I'll have two chairs and a desk I can raise without having to move stuff. That way I can stand awhile. Haven't figured out how to lay down yet ...
DT I have the modern office chair just like the one advertised above your post I paid $800 for it. I don't think it worth the money I saw chairs in office depo for $100 better than mine
I've the entire Relax The Back Store office system, hydralic desk, professional ($1200) chair, etc., and I strongly recommend their ergonomic system.
a traders throne should be a way to reward urself after a successful week!