Pivot Point Calculators

Where are the Pivot Point Calculators?

Where can you find Pivot/Resistance/Support Points and Levels for the symbol that you trade?

There are many sources to find or get the pivot levels. I'm going to try and give you a complete and comprehensive starting point here.

Online Pivot Calculator

There are hundreds of online pivot calculators. We recommend this one .

Use a spreadsheet

Enter the pivot formulae that are on the online pivot point calculator page into a spreadsheet and use this to calculate the pivots.

Charting Packages

Most well supported charting packages will have pivot points built into them or they will be available as an add on study/indicator or third party package.

Trading Platforms

I have not yet heard of a trading platform that provides a way of identifying pivot points yet but I think that it will just be a matter of time before we see things like this on trading platforms as each platform tries to distinguish itself from the others with extra tools and utilities.

Pre-calculated Pivot services

There are probably more trading services out there offering to sell you pivot points (or variations thereof) on a daily subscription basis than any other type of trading service.

Our Daily Notes page provides daily and weekly pivot points for key markets for free. Just select the symbol that interests you and you will see pivot results for plenty of different forumlae.