The Perfect Trade

The Perfect Trade is almost unattainable. If you have ever pulled off a Perfect Trade then reply to this topic and let us know how and when you did it.

Did you almost pull off the perfect trade? What stopped you from pulling the trigger or getting out early?
I have just posted the following poll on Elite Trader: The Perfect Trade requesting people to vote on 5 choices and the following text:

I recently wrote The Perfect Trade. The concept is that the perfect trade is almost unattainable yet a lot of traders attempt to pull it off and are disappointed if they don't enter on the low tick and exit on the high tick. (I am guilty of this and writing about it is semi-cathartic and helps expel the demons.)

My question to you: Have you ever pulled off the perfect trade? If so, how often do you pull it off?

My definition of the perfect trade is really in terms of daytrading and would be a trade that lasts a reasonable period of time (at least 30 minutes and closed out before end of day) AND was entered on the low tick of the move and exited on the high tick of the move.

In order to make this more objective I would like to ask this question: Have you ever bought the low tick of the day and sold the high tick without scaling in more than 3 times and scaling out more than 3 times?

Here is the question and choices voted on:
Have you ever bought the low and sold the high (of the day)?

  • Yes, I have done this more than once.

  • I have done this once.

  • I have never done this but expect to do it one day.

  • I have never done this and don't think that I will ever do it.

  • Other option not listed