No registration required! (Why?)

Password Confusion

To read through the topics on this forum you will usually NOT be required to enter a password. There are some forums, however, which at the owner's request, have a password associated with them such that members only can read them. For example, the JPJTrading Member Area requires a password. This password is usually the same as the PalTalk room password but will sometimes lag the PalTalk room password if we forget to change it so try last month's password if this month's doesn't work. This password will give you access to the private forum and allow you to read all of the topics in that private forum.

If you want to add a comment to any of the topics on this forum you will need to register (this is free) first and give a valid email address. This is to prevent automated programs (bots) from posting spam on the forum. Once you have registered you will have a username and password which you should use to log-on to the forum to post a topic or reply.

Hope this clears up the confusion.
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