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Unauthorized on eSignal

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I notice when searching through the forums that most of the addEntitlement() threads have been started by myself and that leads me to believe that I'm unique with my problems with this function.

The most recent strange occurrence is that some of my studies are giving me the "unauthorized" message and the addEntitlement() is failing while others continue to work.

This has "suddenly" (this week) started happening.

Now nothing has changed on the server or client and other EFS studies which are authorizing themselves with different "auth" files (on the same server in the same folder) are working okay.

This is also only happening with me on my machine and not on other users' machines.

This leads me to believe that there is something between eSignal and the auth server that is blocking that particular URL and not the others next to it.

Any ideas what this could be? For example, could my ISP be saying: "hey, this guy makes excessive requests to this auth file - perhaps he is attempting a Denial of Service attack - let's deny access to this file."

Ideas welcome...

(and happy 4th July to all Americans!)
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