Stress Free Trading

I've enjoyed reading these posts. Very interesting indeed. Jeez, you sure do your homework, day trading. It was fun reading.

I thought I'd post a web site promoting home businesses with an interview with Mark Crisp. Get a load of his history. He couldn't make enough money trading so decided to go into business.

I posted this on the NQoos board and someone responded with very negative comments about Crisp. The poster's experience had to do with his wanting a refund, but apparently it was too early and Crisp wouldn't give it to him. Wish I kept the original email, but I didn't.

This is fun reading also.

Thanks for the post and the link Jordane. It is interesting reading. I'm surprised that Mark Crisp did not refund because negative publicity would seriously effect his product if it's net based.

He says that he's making $4,000/month selling a "how to trade" course. His web site says that his system sells for $300.

There are a lot of courses out there and I have read a couple of the free ones and they have some good ideas but only seem to present a small part of the picture. I have bought and read plenty of books as well. However, I think that the most that I've learned is through participation on various forums and through asking and answer questions. In answering questions I often find that I have to think long and hard about how to explain something and that often solidifies the reasoning behind why some things work and others don't.

As with any endeavour it's not so much the spending money to buy the books or courses but it's more about taking the time to sit down and study the techniques and methods and do the really hard stuff - i.e. learn about it. Everybody wants a quick and painless fix and throwing money at the solution seems much easier than spending hour upon hour working through the back testing of an idea.
You are so right DT

I did read every book I could find on daytrading and futures trading but I didn't improve much.

Now I'm following 2 chatrooms with some great people. When you are polite and helpfull so are they. They answer questions and give tips for free.

Beats any paying course!
If you look at human nature I find that most people want to be helpful and if they know something they are happy to tell you about it to help you or warn you or steer you in the right direction. This applies to everything in life so why not to trading as well?

Of course, like with any free advice that you get about anything you need to think about it and weigh it carefully before you can assess how useful it is to you and if it is true or not.

If someone says to me "the markets have a tendency to rise during options expiration week" and I hear this said often enough then I would be more likely to believe it than not. In some cases, I will go off and test it: Expiry Fridays - Bullish or Bearish