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I had some experience with John Carter's products. John started out as a trader and became a futures marketing guru, selling books, seminars, newsletters, indicators, chat rooms and videos. I dropped about $1000 on his indicators after reading his book, Trade the Markets. I emailed him asking a question about one of his indicators and he had the audicity to ask me to become a paid member to his club and then post the question on the forum page. Lousy customer service, not to mention the indicators badly lag price action and aren't suitable for day trading in my opinion.

Anyone else have any experience with him or any of these other folks on this site.
I could not find Trade the Markets but I have Master the Trade listed on my Trader's Books page under Technique & Strategies and Swing Trading. Mastering the Trade currently ranks at position #1,501 in sales at Amazon which is fairly high for trading books.

So what are the names of John Carter's indicators? Are there any popular ones that every trader would have heard of?

I am guessing that the web site is John Carter's? I could not find any reference to him while surfing it and most of it appears to be closed off unless you are a subscriber.

Okay scratch that. I just searched the site for "Carter" and came up with 24 pages. Question answered.
day trading,

You're correct, the book was Mastering the Trade which I sold on ebay for 2/3 what I paid.

The indicators that I purchased were: (1)Scalper, (2) Squeeze, and (3) Auto Pivots. They may have merit for swing or longer term trading, but lag too much for intraday trading where entry is critical to success. The book led me to believe they would work intrady because Carter showed examples from his own trading. Guess he cherry picked.
One of the reasons that I rarely look at charts created by other people for the purposes of showing an indicator working is because of the cherry picking involved in only showing the situations where the indicator worked.

For full disclosure I believe that you would need to show the worst day of the year after the best day of the year to see what can happen when things don't go your way.

Either the worst day of the year shouldn't be as bad as the best day was good. Or the series of good days from the year should outshine the bad days easily.
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