Has anyone used this for awhile (more than the trial)?
1646 testimonials! (when I looked). That's a lot of testimonials.
tried pagetrader 2 weeks. Deceiving record. You can sit all day have screen tied up for one trade. They count a trade even if it falls short of target by 1/2 point. dont recommend.

I agree. Today they had one trade, a scratch. Unfortunately, the free trial is only one day which isn't very helpful to determine if the service is worthwhile.

But what about that high tech delivery! Very nice, and I like the way they keep you updated on the trade.

Excellent customer service also. I tried to understand the method for selection and they wouldn't--or couldn't--disclose it. The developer, David Willliams, calls it "Spatial Relationship Forecasting" which is proprietary and not, they assurred me, based on conventional ta indicators. A Google search brought up nothing but a Webcast interview with Williams and Christian Financial News.

To me, it looks like price based support and resistance, but I wouldn't bet on it.
"Spatial Relationship Forecasting" ... now that's some creative marketing crap....wasted money for 4 months with them..their trades are crap...only make money if you trade 15-25 contracts as they take out half at 25 ticks...

they predictions and turning pt dates are also a toss up......stay away
sorry half contracts at 2 ticks
I used this site, I was an idiot who paid for 3 months,
Don,t even bother,, its very expensive and you get nothing but loss.
Their so called messenger,, they only use for trading the spx 500.
They only scalp 1-2 points and very rarely do that, you spend most of the time them telling you to be patient...
They do road maps which go very wrong.. They said buy gold at this point and it will rise to that point.. Wrong, the moment it went to that point and we bought, it then dropped 350 pips.. They did the same with oil. which was also bought out just over a week before the trade expires..
After the first week,I asked for a refund, but the scum insist you ring their very expensive international number (if ur not in usa).
Dont matter how many emails and demands, the scum wouldnt refund me.
This site cost me more in trades than I lost on trading on my own.
Do not trust this site.. Its a waste of time and a lot of money ..
your lucky if they open a couple of scalp trades a session. And their road maps just seem to be a gamble.. it could go up to that,, but if it doesn't and goes opposite, we will negate it... yea , all mine negated...
Save your money , don't waste it on this site.
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1646 testimonials! (when I looked). That's a lot of testimonials.

Yeah, that's because suckers love testimonials. With so many testimonials these guys should have retired to the tropics a long time ago, so I gather that the testimonials are largely fake.