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ahk again. you are very active.
ran into simple guy on Paltalk this morning. 2 trades. one 1 point winner and the second he counted also, however he would have been stopped although he said he was not.

Quit one hour into trading and closed room. Boy how would you like to pay 4,000 and get one hour of folowup. He says he quits by 11:00
Yes. Rob, the moderator, quits every day before lunch. His goal is to get 100+points a week trading 16 contracts. He made that goal the week I visited from three trades. He is very risk averse and moves stops quickly which caused premature stop outs after a point on what turned out to be decent runners. I sensed a scalping mentallity. In other words, he is quick to take profits and not give any back.

What I didn't like about his style was he called out the trades AFTER he already took a position. I thought this was odd and when I inquired he gave me an answer which was laughable, illogical but most flattering. He said he didn't want more competition at his limits. "Who knows, you mmight be trading 2000 contracts and I won't get a fill" he said. That didn't make sense to me. After all, he could have put his order in and THEN called the trade thereby eliminating any risk of us visitors members frontrunning him. Also, there were only 8 people in the room including members. Rob attributed this relatively small turnout to his complete lack of marketing the system.

Rob may indeed be one of those traders who knows how to do this for a living.


I meant three trades per day.
Hi AHK, Is this the site you are associated with? Somebody was asking on our other trash and bash thread ...Thanks for putting it out there if it is. I just have one question beleive it or the trial will he be calling out trades after he has initiated a position? You mentioned this is your previous post. The reason I ask is because I had a heated debate ( imagine that) with Steve Rifkin years ago about his late postings...he was basically calling a direction after it moveded in his favor and was able to theoretically lock in a tight stop......but nobody else would have been able to duplicate his results.....I prefer it when someone calls out their trades ahead of time like ( " If it gets to 1428 I'll be a seller with a 3 point stop") I beleive you mentioned that your mentor uses DOM and some candle pattern recognition so I was wondering how much lead time is given....Thanks


I think if your a member, Rob calls out the trades in advance and/or he puts a signal on the chart. When visitors are in the room, he doesn't do that for the silly reasons I stated. I think the guy is for real, but I wouldn't join a room that closes when the mentor makes his daily nut. If he were short today for instance (my room was short at an average of 1430.25 and we held this thing until the close) and grabbed a couple of points, he left the real meat on the table.

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