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$50 to Most Valued Contributor during May 2005

I've added a couple of rules to the list today and I've changed the list from a bulleted list to a numbered list. Going forward I will leave the above list of rules as it is, and if any of the rules need to be changed or expanded on or any rules need to be added then they will be added as a reply to this topic and the relevant number will be referenced.
And I'd like to thank Shaggy from Snitz Forums for his comments - thanks Shaggy
We are going to reward the Most Valued Contributor (MVC) on this forum during the month of May 2005 with $50 (US dollars) cash.

Here are the general rules and parameters that we will use to select the MVC:

  1. You need to be registered on the forum - this is fairly obvious otherwise you won't be able to contribute. (It doesn't matter when you register - it is possible to join late in the month of May and still become the MVC)

  2. Members of the board are free to suggest who they think is the MVC and why they think that this person is the MVC and their opinions will be taken into account. Post your suggestion as a reply to this topic.

  3. The MVC must be able to accept payment via PayPal. This is the only way that the reward will be dispersed.

  4. In part, we will look at the number of posts made by a person to determine how many contributions that they have made.

  5. Before the post count is done, the forums may be swept for posts that may be appreciated (such as "thanks" or "i agree") but don't add long term value to the forums or that, at the discretion of the judges, constitute spam, post-bumping or otherwise "pointless" posting.

  6. Both quality of questions and quality of answers will be looked at when selecting an MVC. You don't have to know anything about trading to become an MVC. If your questions draw out great and informative answers that everyone can learn from then you might qualify as MVC.

  7. Posting to any of the public forums on the E-mini Futures Day Trading Online forums will be considered. Contributions to hidden (usually private) forums obviously won't be considered.

  8. If we think that the reward is deserved by more than one person then we may share the reward among the MVCs.

  9. We may insist that you are able to accept PayPal payments to the email address that you have used to register on this forum with. (We may do this to prevent fraud and abuse).

  10. Any posts that you make on this forum should be original or you must have permission from the original source/author before posting them here. Any copyrighted re-posts from other parts of the web will be deleted and not be considered for the MVC reward.

  11. You may re-post material/comments/thoughts/descriptions/anything that you have already posted on another boards or forum.

  12. You may also double post material/comments/thoughts/etc. on this board that you are simultaneously posting on another board/forum.

  13. The MVC will be selected during the first 2 weeks of June 2005 and should receive payment by 15 June 2005.

  14. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend this reward if the forum gets hacked or abused or rendered inoperable due to forces beyond our control.

  15. We hope not to change these rules once the program starts but they may change before 1 May 2005 so check back here before then.

  16. guy and pt_emini will be excluded from being selected for the MVC.

  17. guy and pt_emini will select who they consider to be the MVC and will consider other peoples comments when doing so.

Good luck in becoming the MVC and hopefully you will also learn a lot about trading in the process.

We often find that when we explain something to someone else, we suddenly learn something we never knew before. The act of putting our thoughts to paper structures those thoughts in ways we never knew we could use them.

Because the take-up of this promotion has been lacklustre so far I'm adding rule 18:

18. In order to qualify for the reward the MVC must make a minimum of 45 qualifying posts during the month in question. (This minimum may be waived at our discretion.)

The promotion is aimed at rewarding someone who has added value to the forums with posts that have helped fellow traders.
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