Controlling Emotions Is NOT The Goal

Controlling Emotions Is NOT The Goal Of Trading Psychology (Brett Steenbarger)

Pick up a book or magazine article about trading psychology and you're likely to find prescriptions for success based on controlling emotions and increasing discipline.

Yes, emotional arousal can interfere with performance, but does that mean that elite performance is a function of dampened emotions?

When you look at some of the greatest performers in sports--and in trading--you'll find highly competitive individuals. They are quite emotional and don't take well to losing. Lance Armstrong? Michael Jordan? Tiger Woods? Muhammad Ali? All were quite intense, emotional individuals who managed to channel their emotional drive into victory.

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I thing their is truth to that I get exited when my play works I'm quite when It dose int and when i increase the number of contracts well! my hand is so jerky on the mouse I don't even know if I will able to click it.
Do you drink coffee or any caffeinated drink before or during trading?
One coffee in the morning but coffee has the opposite effect on me it relaxes me and pouts me to sleep decaffeinated is the one that wires me up and keeps me awake. I know is strange but if I drink decaf unknowingly at knight I will be up all knight.
I think it comes down to monitoring and identifying how your emotional reactions affect your trading performance.

In general experiencing emotional reactions while trying to perform an important task is not a sign of rational clear minded thinking and decision making.

What I learned from reading Steenbarger is to replace less than ideal behavior with better behavior by taking the conscious action of forming new habits.

So to answer your question about dampened emotions, using this method elite performance is guided / achieved by developing better habits.

Also, I think there is a difference between being competitive and experiencing emotional reactions. One can have a strong driving desire to win or succeed, while at the same time not reacting to situations emotionally. The flexibility to expect the unexpected (anticipate several different outcomes), take things in stride and maintain focus on the bigger goals.