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Day Trading Blogs

Do you read any blogs about day trading? If so which ones?

I know that Trader Mike has a popular blog as does Brett Steenbarger with his TraderFeed. Neither, however, are exclusively about day trading nor the e-minis.

So I have been searching the web for a blog about (1) day trading or (2) the e-minis but have not come up with anything yet.
Thanks inventor.

Today from his blog: New Strategy
From now on, I will be buying only the stock of companies that are involved in bankruptcy.

Interesting strategy. His charts show fantastic gains off very low bases of 3 companies that I assume resolved their bankruptcy problems. Of course the downside is that very few of the companies in this state will do that. So what sort of hit rate do you need for that strategy to work?
Trading Goddess - some of the images from this Trading Blog are easy on the eye.
Victoria's Box - another female trader like the just mentioned Trading Goddess, was found shortly afterwards. It appears that Victoria only started her blog 3 days ago so I am not sure what we have to expect from her...
It is SUNDAY today so I do not feel so quilty about a little bit of R&R and reading the goddess and box blogs. All I can say is yes, you said it, "easy on the eye."
Some more trading blogs that I've recently discovered:

Howard Lindzon - TRENDS - Find them, ride them and get off! Stocks, venture and civilization.

Gannon On Investing - Value investing blog and value investing podcast influenced by Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt, and Warren Buffett's value investing model. Built upon the value investor insights of intrinsic value, margin of safety, competitive advantage, and protection of principal.

Bill Cara - Capital Markets & Social Equity, perspective and discussion.

A Dash of Insight - An eclectic approach to better trading and investing. Finding market inefficiency. Discussing and applying the best ideas and methods from several disciplines.

Bill Rempel - Trading, Investing, Politics, Whatever.

Trader-X - Views from a distorted mind.

Abnormal Returns

Daily Options Report


CHEAP STOCKS - Below Net Current Asset Value, Real Estate, and other Value Strategies.
Although none of those blogs deal directly with day trading futures they seem to have a couple of interesting points. Remember that you have to sift through a lot of information to find value. Just like all the info you see on the charts everyday. Tons of figures and facts and a few nuggets of gold hidden among them.
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