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The Gift of Giving

My brother gave me to following Xmas present this year from

It's exciting when your fruit trees starts to bear some tasty fruit. Planting fruit trees such as guava, papaya, and coconut provide healthy food sources for families and a crop to sell.

This gift will be used to fund a project that involves the purchased item. If these projects have ’sold out’ then the donation will be directed to a similar or equally important project.

I've always been a big fan of funding or helping in this type of project. If we can plant orchards of fruit trees around the homes of the malnourished then we will be able to feed them for years and provide them with a commodity that they can trade for other goods.

Last year I took a road trip through part of Mozambique and saw many locals standing on the side of the road selling mandarins. The mandarin orchards are a legacy of the Portuguese rule from many years ago but continue to feed the locals and provide them with a product to sell during the season.

If you want to buy a gift for someone and can't think of what to get them then buy them a fruit tree (just a sapling otherwise the post office might not accept the package
) and if they don't have space in their garden for the sapling then buy it for someone on their behalf like my brother did for me.

Happy holidays to everyone!
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