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The Real AHK

I don't want to take any more space up in the other threads so I wanted to post this so everyone can understand the type of person AHK - the vendor is.......

1)He posted a trade in the trading Zoo thread while he was promoting the service. I asked him to provide the statments but none could be found....It seems like a real vendor would be able to back up a claim..He can't even provide this yet he expects me to sign on to an unfair and unbalanced challenge just to try and rebuild the Zoo's dice...I am no fool..

2)He recently accused me of contacting Guy, the moderator, and said I had "begged" not to be booted in emails. I asked Guy if I had done this directly on the forum. Here is the proof of AHK's lies along with Guys comments. First we have AHK's lies..
Originally posted by ahk

Don't worry, Guy won't boot you (God knows you've begged him enough in emails and here not to).

Then we have the proof that he truely is lying with Guys comments

Originally posted by day trading

Nobody has ever asked me not to boot them. To my recollection (please correct me anybody if this is wrong) the only accounts I have ever locked are those of spammers - and none of them asked me not to do it.

So I can't communicate with this type of individual anymore who needs to make up lies in an attempt to discredit and abuse someone....He or his shills will probably use this thread to try and discredit me instead of explaining why he lied....he's predictable..he'll bring back the challenge etc...instead of addressing the two points mentioned this will remain here as a record of who he is. I have given him enough rope to hang himself and he has. My work is may be done.



Hopefully we'll finally get some answers instead of more questions...I may need to do one more post here if he or someone else comes back with something that I expect them to. Otherwise it ends here.

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