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Pivot Points E-mini Dow Jones (YMH$5)

First of all I am new to both this forum, and E mini Dow Jones.
I trade the FT 100 & mining sectors in the UK, and I live in England.

I have just down loaded "TradeStation" in Dec 2006, and for the last 2 days have been watching "live" from Cbot the YMH07 E mini Dow Jones.

I have a few questions to people living in the USA, fist of all on both these dates (Thur/Fri 11 & 12 th Jan 2007) the server has gone down at Cbot !!! is this a normal thing that happens?, how many times last year ( 2006), this never happens in the UK.

Next can I talk to some one who is using pivot points ? I have just been put on to the following web sites (see links below)

If you look at these sites you will see there are different ways the numbers have been calculated, I would like to have some feed back from some one who, lives in the USA, and trades the E mini Dow Jones each day, on these pivot points number and which are best ? ( i.e.Classic, Woodie, Carmirlla, Tom Demark)

My e-mail address is [email protected] - we can also skype, if any one out there want's to talk.

Thanks for any feed back.

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Welcome to the forum Mike.

I think that you have just jinxed the UK futures exchanges with that comment

I just checked today's "down time" and found this:
CHICAGO, Jan 12 (Reuters) - Electronic trade at the Chicago Board of Trade (BOT.N: Quote, Profile , Research) resumed at 11:35 a.m. CST (1735 GMT) on Friday following an hour-long outage due to a technical problem, traders said.

Trading resumed on a staggered basis, with financial products first and agricultural futures following at 11:42 a.m.

Trade in Winnipeg Commodity Exchange canola futures also resumed at 11:42 a.m. Winnipeg shares the same electronic platform as the CBOT.

The electronic system went down at 10:27 a.m. CST, the exchange said.

You ask a good question. I don't know how many times the electronic exchanges went down in 2006 but I would certainly like to know.

I don't use pivot points so I can't comment on which ones are the best. You're entering into a very subjective area of measurement of the term "works" when it comes to pivot points.

From Pivot Point Calculations (3rd reply): "The definition of "worked" is a hotly debated subject with pivot points. An ES daytrader that uses 1 point stops may get stopped out at each resistance level during a trend day up while another trader may come away with a profit by using a 2 point stop. So for one trader the pivots completely failed and for the other they worked well. It had nothing to do with the pivots that day but with the money management that was applied."

So to answer your question, what works for one trader may not work for another trader by the simple fact that they have different stop sizes - for example.

If you want to work through an exercise of testing the extremes of the day and their proximity to a pivot level then I can help you with that.
Mike, as luck would have it, John Person/CBOT are putting on a webinar called Pivot Point Analysis on 17th January. They specifically deal with the DJIA future (YM) and so this is just what you're looking for. A bit late in your time zone but maybe you can record it and listen to it the next day. Also they often save and make available this sort of thing to listen to later on.