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Legal Action against BruceM

I thought I'd start this thread myself so we can follow along....and avoid having to insert any more issues into other threads...although I'm not sure how well AHK or myself will follow this rule.....I'd like to start by posting some recent comments made, directed at me by they are...

Posted - 01/05/2007 : 19:19:55

Originally posted by ahk

I am pleased to report that the continued posting on this forum to the Zoo hyperlink by Mr. B has sparked a dramatic increase in interest from new prospects in the Zoo program and an all time high in Website hits, new trialers and members.

Let's extend our heartfelt thanks Mr. B. for his help and support. We couldn't have done it without you.



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Posted - 01/06/2007 : 06:14:36
Sure is.

Thanks for all the free Google advertising and whatever you're doing, please don't stop, even though you are effectively taking money that Guy should be earning by having the curious bypass the Zoo Google ad. Apparently controversy brings out the interest in people more than big claims or riches and trading gains.

This Monday, we have 5 people coming to the trial from this thread alone and a rash of others who Googled zoo and were lead here only to decide to see what all the hoopla was about and sign up.

We're very grateful for your help. If the zoo ever hires a mnarketing director, you'll be a top candidate for consideration.

So why after all that I have done for them supposedly would he post this next comment....


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Posted - 01/13/2007 : 10:39:30 Show Profile Email Poster Reply with Quote

"BruceM, do yourself a favor and consult an attorney.

There are laws in this country to protect those who are the victims against defamation, slander and libel. Court cases are decided every day enforcing those laws. Freedom of speech is not the issue here and you know it. You went on a malicious and wellthought out attack to tarnish and harm the Trading Zoo, its reputation and its business. You thought you could do this with impunity."

So this will be interesting and I will be waiting with eager anticipation for this to only concern is that you never know who is out there so I have genuine concern for my families personal safety...ok..My wife asked me to stop posting my opinions and some of the personal emails have bothered her..But I will not let up...let me make that clear....

So We need to ask ourselves: Did they really get more hits to websites, more members and trialers or is this just another lie...?

Have I damaged the Zoo or helped them?
Well they better have a damn good lawyer to come up against me....these posts here alone will blow them out of the water.....Bring it on AHK..perhaps this time you will've made enough law references so you better be able to do something right....When a member of my family feels threatened whether it is warranted or not I take massive action to combat do what you think is just and so will I. AHK, you need to sort out your mind before you make a post about lawyers....and look at your second post that I have included ...In it YOU asked ME not to I am pleased to have recieved permission from Aaron to keep on him and the Zoo..thanks for that....Busted again AHK.....