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Combining Pitbull II and III

I just thought I'd post this as it is a good example of a few things...I have drawn lines at the plus 4 number, the plus 5.5 number which turned out to be the morning high and the "Band" that was created with the first three one minute bars. You can review the other threads for these. Note the retest of the band at around 9:40...anyway in this case we also had a Value Area high that came in at 1434.75 according to my data.

So with this trade we hit the plus 5.5 so you are selling the plus 4 and this trade actually came down to "fill in" the band at around 10:40...there was also a high tick reading at the plus we have a few things in alignment.

When I first heard and was taught about these numbers off the opening I though it was ridiculous and impossible. I encourage you to watch these over time and draw your own conclusions. Here is the chart from Friday January 12th:


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