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Back on Track

My apologies to everyone for this forum turning into a political debate about the forum/website itself and about a few people in particular.

None of this is helping the trading community improve their bottom line and is distracting for everyone and a complete waste of time.

We have decided to take a harder line and put the forum back on track so that traders can benefit from what they read here.

As someone pointed out this forum is not a democracy for free speech but a membership club where members have to follow the rules. The objective of the forum is to share information, ask questions, inform and help. It is not a platform for making commissions from selling trading courses.

I thought that people would generally behave and keep the topics on track. This did not happen and because of the failure of this system more moderation will take place. Posts that detract from helping and contributing to the community will be deleted. Trouble makers will have their accounts locked.

This is standard practice in most forums. We have just been too lax up to this point.
At last some sense around here. I aplaud what you are doing! I agree - no body is learning anything about 3rd party trading systems or techniques or anything else about trading while this was going on. Keep up the amazing work that you are doing here and thank you for providing so much to us for free.
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