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31 diamond rings

A few days ago, 41 year-old New York cab driver Osman Chowdhury (a native of Bangladesh) found that a Texas girl had left 31 diamond rings in his cab. He managed to track her down and return the rings.

I've left out a number of details from the story but you get the picture and the question that a lot of people asked was "why return the diamond rings? Keep them for yourself and sell them..."

One of the reasons not given by the cabbie or anyone else was "investment in the future." By voluntarily doing this he has suddenly promoted himself from an indistinguishable NY cab driver to the most trustworthy cab driver in NY. Say he intends to work for another 19 years to the age of 60 before retiring. Could he possibly get a better work reference for his resume and reputation than the newspaper articles about this incident?

If you are looking for a cab driver to do something that is critically important. Say you need a cab driver to take a document across town and deliver it to a client. Who are you going to think of first? Who's phone number are you going to keep to hand to do that?

I wonder if he already has that article laminated and pinned to the inside window for passengers to read?
Very nice if you happen to live in New York City. Does this have anything to do with trading? Sounds like an off topic rant.

Anyone care to start a thread about Anna Nicole Smith?
mahavishnu: I am surprised that you cannot see the connection. Day Trader is "obviously" talking about time spent educating yourself now for a better payback in the future. A kind of karmic return that applies to day trading returns in the future based on today's actions. (I have put "obviously" in quotes because it is possible that I have missunderstood this - but that is what I got out of this.)
I understand parables but this one escaped me. I'm only good when it comes to stating the obvious.
I deleted a bunch of replies to this thread because they went off topic. If anyone wants to discuss this news story then feel free to reply here. If you want to discuss something else then start a new topic.
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