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S&P 500 e-mini day trading call

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this trade. It is for informational purposes only.

Daily Trade for February 12
February 12th, 2007

Prior Trade Results:

Loss of $550 per contract

Ending Balance:


Trade for Today:

Long 2 E-mini SP contracts


First real weakness since the LONG trade began, but model is still stubbornly bullish. We are now even for this last trade.
Let me see if I understood the call correctly. You bought at the open at 1442.75 and held the trade through to the close of 1438.00 and lost 4.75 points? The draw down was to 1435.00 or 7.75 points? No stops were used?
Hey Elite Trader,

Let me explain. These are not my calls or trades. I had asked if anyone had been following the trading calls on a site I discovered called No one had been following them, so I thought I would just post them here and we could keep track of the performance.

As far as the trades go, there are no stops and you are in the market all the time either long or short every day. Even though the trade for Today may say Long 2 E-mini SP contracts, it may be a carryover trade from the previous day, meaning that you are still holding that trade. Sometimes it may say long 4 e-mini and yesterday it was long 2 e-mini contracts, so in that case you would add 2 contracts to your long position at the open.

At least that is my understanding. You might get a better explanation on the site's FAQ.

Again, I just thought it would be good to track and see how it does over time because they claim the model gave a 25% return in 2006.

Hope that helps clear things up some.
Yes it does - thanks. I was trying to work out if the model assumed that you opened your position at the opening price. If it does then that is okay because in the long run you will probably get an average of that price. Sometimes a tick better, sometimes worse but overall probably the average.
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