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elite trader interview

I am not sure if elite trader will rise to the challenge because I still have not seen him explain why he claims to be a "nobody."Perhaps this thread will help us understand him better.

elite trader: Tell us about yourself. What sort of trader are you? Do you trade the whole day or just the morning? Do you trade the ES or other contracts as well? Are you a 1 lot trader or multi-lot trader? How long did you paper trade before going to cash? What former or current trader do you most respect? What sort of work did you do before you became a trader - were you a broker/merchant banker/fireman/GI? What timeframe charts do you look at? What charting package do you use? What trading platform do you use? What inspired you to become a day trading (I assume you are a day trader) in the first place? Have you ever had a year to earn enough to be able to fully support yourself? How much money have you spent on books, seminars, chat room and the like? Have you ever felt conned or ripped off by an adversary service?. If so, how did that make you feel? What role to you think anger and hostility play in trading. Do you own a car? If so, what year and make.

Think of this like a group therapy session. We want to know all about an amateur trader who has some serious issues which prevent him from achieving success. Not just his trading ideas but his entire persona.

T Rex
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elite trader: Why do you disrespect me and make accusations that can't be backed up. You know nothing about me and yet you accuse me of trying to ripoff myptofvu who obviously has a sincere interest in becoming a successful trader. What have I said or done to deserve that?

Tell us about you past experiences with cons and maybe we'll better appreciate where all your hostility is coming from.

T Rex

The reason that I disrespect you is because you are acting like a classic con man. I/we "know nothing about you" because you refuse to answer questions about yourself and tell us who you are. Instead you turn the questions around on the asker. This is how con men work. Therefore the obvious answer is that you are a con man and deserve no respect.
Show me that I am wrong and answer the questions: T-Rex Interview
Why do I have to answer questions about myself to you? To satisfy your curiosity? Why do you feel a right to entitlement? Your questions should be directed to DayWalker, not me. He's the one who ran off his mouth, not me.

Prove what? I haven't made any claims other than the obvious one that all professional traders know--all those charts whether rightside up or upside down with lines drawn all over them don't work. Maybe once upon a time they did, but they don't now. I know they don't from personal experience. And they will never work. But newbies and amateurs always start off with them and sometimes cling to them like gold because they have nothing else. And day after day their accounts get blown out. My message is for them: Don't bet your hard earned dollars by a line crossing another one on a chart. Indicators are a suckers bet. Study price action like professionals do and you may have a fighting chance if you can also control your mood.

So, I am not acting at all like a con man. I am offering nothing to sell nor promoting anything. You are simply paranoid and looking for fresh blood to suck now that this place has settled down a bit. Don't worry about me, worry about yourself.

And finally, you really need to learn how to treat people better if you have any hope of them helping you. You're way too bossy and come on like you own this place.

T Rex
elite trader has provided some comments which are helpful in our mission here and I commend him for that:
Originally posted by elite trader

The year is not over yet but it looks like I am going to be down around $4k to $5k on my emini trading. Unless I have a few fantastic days to the end of the year but that is unlikely.
In 2005 I was up $2,500 and I am not going to talk about 2004 which was a complete disaster.

Admitting failure is the first step to making a change for the better. Now what about those other things?

T Rex
This is exactly the sort of response I expected from you. Avoiding the questions.
I'm so happy you got what you expected from me. If only you got what you expected when you put on a trade; unfortunately, the market is not as accommodating as I am. Did I forget to thank you for the additional liquidity?

T Rex
My work here is done.