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Winning Edge Day Trading Signals

I don't see anywhere if those big winnings are from compounding profits. Really fantastic hypothetical performance.

Has anyone tried these methods?
Hi Undecided,

I have his S&P day trading materials from 1998 and although his trading ideas and priciples are sound I donot beleive his actual performance is as good as he posts. I have contacted him regarding "statements" a few times over the years and have never received even a reply. I think he falls into the ranks of "vendor" and not an actual trader. I know he does a lot with "personality" testing and has books etc...perhaps he has taken his own test and has determined he would be better off as vendor then a trader....

On the flip side it is possible that he has evolved his ideas and his sense of self and now actually trades. I haven't contacted him in at least two years so perhaps it's time for a "statement requested" email. His original ideas and methods have had to be adapted to lower volatility trading so I would hope that his course currently reflects that...Hope that helps

Bruce, did you buy his trading materials? Have you used them in your trading?

I don't think he trades because he teaches and counsels over the phone and I don't know how he could do both well. His services are pricey to say the least.

I emailed him Friday and asked if he could provide any backup (statements, sim trades, computer model, whatever) to back his claim or if one of his students would share their statements.
No I did not personally buy this course as I acquired it from a trade (Of trading materials) I did with someone from a message board. I don't use these methods specifically but I can tell you that he used to look to buy and sell off of plus and minus 8 and 16 points off the opening price. I have learned other methods similiar to this. You can check the Pitbull threads if interested.

Obviously with reduced volatility these setups don't happen that often but he also teaches how to find "key numbers" by looking at the charts over multiple days and coming up with areas that have provided support and resistence. I found that to be valuable but I couldn't say if it is more valuable then knowing where the Value area numbers are or the standard floor trader pivots. He has a Tradestation indicator to provide signals at these points. Basic moving average stuff. He also has a unique way of utilizing trendlines but I have found that to be no better or worse then anything else. He'll look at low range , 30 minute bars and do breakout trades from those and a few others setups. The concepts are valid but until he can prove that the methods stand up over time, I would shy away.

Originally posted by undecidedtrader

Bruce, did you buy his trading materials?

Yes I subscribed to DR. Ned Gandevani ( spelling could be off). I took the $895.00 US package..with gave me the opening trade for the day and any intraday trades.

TOtal waste of time......Complete Bull sh*t. When the mkt went 3 pts past his range of entry...example go long at 1450-1451..then he would reverse...his entry...although he would not send you a signal about this was not part of the $895 package.

He said you needed to pay $3 grand or more to be part of that...

Total crap...he is a Math or Engineering...

Another scam artist....

Stay away from Winning Edge and Dr. Ned New York btw.

btw $895 was for one month...I cancelled in 2 weeks..after being stopped out much too often...
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