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#emini not on channel list

I just received the following email.

Just wanted to let you know that for some reason (at least on my computer) when I enter Tools>>Channel List>>>Get List. #emini does not show with all the other channels listed. If I enter Commands>>Join Channel>>>#emini. I of course have a wndow open for #emini. But then if I do the Get List routine #emini does show up on the list.

Good question which other people may also be curious about.

I think that the reason that #emini does not appear on the list is because p^t has made the channel/room private (but has not assigned a key to the channel). If you double click in the #emini window it should bring up a property dialog and you will see that the private check box is checked.

I think that p^t has made the channel private so that it does not show up on the list and by that we don't get random people dropping in and causing chaos. Most people find #emini through word of mouth or via our web site and are more likely to be people who come in there to learn and help others. That way we hope to keep the quality of comments high and volume of spam low.

I'll ask p^t to confirm this comment.
Yep, we had to make the room private shortly after we opened it due to the overwhelming influx of traders. We are interested in quality and not quantity, so when the initial rapid growth of the room occurred the value and quality of the experience and information began to suffer. Growing pains. At this point, the room has matured and our membership is very stable. New members are usually references from existing members and others that know about us.
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