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eSignal 7.9 release

I installed the new release of eSignal this morning, 7.9 (Build 719), and now am recieving the following error message for my custom formulas...

"Runtime.efsLib is missing or corrupted, please reinstall this file"

Has anyone encountered this problem, or know what to do to fix it ?
I certainly haven't hit that one yet. Did this happen as soon as you opened up eSignal or after you loaded a chart or specific indicator?
Opening eSignal and opening charts is no problem, the error message appears for each of my charts that has a custom formula on it. I am able to load the Basic formulas on my charts. None of my custom formula's will load.
I came across someone else with the same problem here:

but I couldn't find a solution for it. I have posted in that forum and cross referenced this one and will post again here if there is a solution.

Good luck
My top tip for upgrading eSignal is to install it onto my backup charting computer and test it on there out of market hours or when the market is quiet and then when I'm happy with it I upgrade it to my main charting computer.

The obvious drawdown is that you can only run it on one computer at a time so I have to close it on the main charting computer while I test it on the backup computer but this can be achieved by doing the testing outside of trading hours.

Hope this little tidbit of a suggestion helps someone...
Looks like I misread the post on the eSignal board and in fact that solution suggested did work in that case.

The solution appears to be to place this file into the \Program Files\eSignal\FunctionLibrary folder.

Let me know if that solves the problem.
Thanks guy, that solved the problem !

My custom formula's are now working again.

It is funny but I do not have the folder "\FunctionLibrary" in my eSignal directory.

Are there other files that should be in that folder ?

I am thinking now the installation messed up and somehow forgot to put that folder and it's files in place for me.
i haven't had any problems with esignal 7.9 - but then i don't think that i push it very hard. sounds like you guys are guerilla esig users
Not sure p^t - I noticed that the eSignal guys were puzzled that someone else had the same problem as you because apparently it should have created that directory when it does the install. There's obviously a bug in the install procedure.

In that folder on my machine I have 3 files:


So it looks like you have a couple more missing then doesn't it?
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