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Bright Trading

Plunked $2500 recently to be trained by the infamous Bright Trading (not counting the cost of staying in Las Vegas for 4 weeks, exchange membership fees, etc.) They "teach" you something like 8-10 strategies, with emphasis on Openings only and pair trading. All 10 are a joke. Big joke. I'll be honest: I've been HAD big time. Don Bright spent about 1-1.5 hours per day with the group the first week and down from there. Some days training consisted of a 10 minute talk in the morning... and that was it. Another crooked broker, making money on training and commissions (which are 3 times higher than other professional daytrading firms'.) Trading pairs allows them to charge twice as much (pay for each side, of course.) 99% of traders blow out their accounts in 2-3 months, after paying 10K in commissions to Brights. Brights encourage you to trade 1000-2000 shares by the end of week one of trading!!! What other trading firm does that? It becomes clear after a while that they are interested in your commissions. There is an associated firm, called PairCo - also in the business of racket (owned by Brights and run by a dude in Canada.) They try to sell you various software to trade pairs, anywhere from $700-$4000.

Once you are trading after the bootcamp, there is NO SUPPORT whatsoever. You can't get a hold of anyone to answer any questions or help with anything. You get assigned to a "manager", whose primary responsibility is to monitor your leverage. The managers are traders themselves and are not really interested in providing any true help.

I implore anyone reading this... think twice before joining this firm - looks very attractive from outside, but no different from any other vendor out there - they are out for your money.

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