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just reading about your alpha stuff. when will it be ready? will there be a free trial?
Hi phylup,

It is in final beta testing at the moment and I plan on releasing it over the weekend although the beta version is available to anybody who signs up now. I don't believe that the beta version needs any changes before the release.

No - There's no free trial for the AlphaPack - sorry.
a couple of questions:

1. if there isn't going to be any change then why don't you release it now?

2. why isn't there a free trial?
1. I still want to tidy up some of the parameters and some of the code behind the indicator to make it easier to maintain with possible later versions in the future.

2. I am planning on posting charts of setups and trades in real time in the #emini and #t1 trading channels. I actually posted a trade and chart setup in the channel today.
This will give people an idea of what is available so a free trial will not be neccessary.

I hope this answers your questions.
I actually posted a trade and chart setup in the channel today.

what is the channel?
is this like a chat room?
yes mash - #t1 on othernet

This link should take you straight into the channel:

or you can type /join #t1 in an IRC chat client such as mIRC.
Ok .
now i just installed the alpha indicator which is showing up as a blue line in a subgraph. Is it supposed to be used like this? or am i to change settings ? or...
It needs data from the previous session to do its calculations. If you "pan" backwards so that the chart shows the previous session's data and then "pan" forward back to today it should then show up with the correct values.

Let me know if this solves the problem.
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