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saving Daily Notes

Email just received:

is there a way to have the daily notes archived i thought once i signed up for thise service i would have them save in email but they all revert to current day. thanks


Yes that is how I used to send out the Daily Notes so that you could save it in your email and revert back to previous days.

Unfortunately it became too popular and too many people signed up for it and my bandwidth maxed out so I am unable to do this at the moment.

However I am trying to work on a solution so that it is possible for people to refer to previous day's on Daily Notes and work on a way of archiving the Daily Notes.

If I find a solution I will post it here. If anybody else can think of a solution then feel free to post your suggestion here.

I'm sure that there must be a fairly easy mechanism to archive pages on the web on a daily basis...?
I always take a jpg 'snapshot' of the Daily Notes. (Mainly the VA section) I also do the same with the emini charts at the end of each session. I then file them in chronological order on my computer and 'hyperlink' the appropriate snapshots to that day's Excel spreadsheet entry.
In other words, clicking on the Excel trade-figures for (say) 19th of May, automatically brings up the corresponding charts and Daily Notes for that period. It works for me.
Thanks Steve. Excellent tip there. Also means that it's offline and permanently stored on your hard disk so if a hacker wipes out an archive site then it is safe on your computer.
Thanks for the tip.
Okay, I've come up with an idea which I'm going to test out. I will create a copy of the Daily Notes page each day and archive it and allow you to index into it. Let me know what you think of this idea and if it proves to be popular then I'll work on sprucing it up:

you asked for opinions on that web page:

my opinion is that this is an excellent idea and i think that it would be great for everyone.