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bill's trading diary 4/24/07

I've been wringing my hands over Thursday's knee surgery. Funny how any bit of stress can impact the mind to do things it ordinarily wouldn't do. I shook myself out of a trade that turned out to be a runner.

This morning around 7:24 a.m, I S 1490.25. One of those trades where I immediately started to second guess my entry thinking that 1491 was a better area of interest, but I hung with the trade anyway. Its starts to go against me and rather than take a small lose and re-enter or short more at a better price, I decide in my infinite wisdom to scratch the trade and get out b/e. at 8:17. No need to tell you what happened after that.

Trade 2 was better and worked according to plan; at 10:09 I went L 1483 and was out 3 minutes later for 1 point. I'm feeling better, but still not as focused as usual with the overhang of the surgery and another pre-surgical test later today and tomorrow afternoon.

Trade 3 pissed me off. I went long at 1481.50 (10 points from the hod--one of my favorite setups before 12:00 p.m.) with a 5 tick stop. My gut told me make the stop bigger since I was basically trying to catch the bottom and the velocity was strong. Well, I did indeed catch the bottom but, unfortunately, it was with my stop. I didn't get overly angry but I said to myself, "What a novice move." Lol!

Trade 4 filled at 10:37 and 10:38 respectively. L 1480.75 and sold half at 1481.75 and the rest at 1482.75. Back on track and in business.

Last trade filled at 11:30, a S 1485.50 and a quick cover 9 minutes later for 1 point.

p.s. to the moderator. Would you please edit my post entitled "A good Friday" and change it to: bill's trading diary 4/20/07 and move it over to this thread?

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