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Notes about my trades

Please note the following about the trades that I post here in this journal and in real time in the #t1 trading room:

Some of these trade may not actually have been taken and others may by a hybrid of real and simulated trades. i.e. Any of the trades that you may see may be one of:
  • 100% real executed trade.

  • A hybrid of real and simulated trades.

  • 100% simulated/paper trade.

You may ask why I do this?

Well I take trading very seriously and am always trying to improve my trading skills. However, there are times that I want to trade but don't use real money because of a certain reason. These reasons could include but are not limited to the following:
  • I'm feeling tired or sick and do not feel in top peak to trade.

  • My trading platform is down and I can't execute the trades.

  • My trading platform switched over to simulated mode and I thought that I was executing real trades but they turned out to be paper trades.

  • I have to leave my office within a short time and don't want to enter a real trade that I can't see through to the end - so I do a simulated trade and can see the result when I come back to the office.

  • I may exit the whole position at a certain profit target and then paper trade a simulated situation as if I were managing a partial strategy - this gives me more experience in this area.

Even though a trade may be a simulated/paper trade I treat all the trades that I execute as real trades. This helps me prepare for and deal with the emotional aspects of having real money on the line. One of the great shortfalls of paper trading is that the emotional aspect of fear and greed is removed because it's not real money.

Feel free to post your comments to this thread.
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