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Woodie Pivots

Recently, a friend refered me to your pivot page at and I find it very useful.

However I believe the formula you are using for the Woodie pivot is not the one used by Ken Wood aka Woodie.

His formula can be seen here

As you can see, his formula is twice today's open + yesterdays high and low divided by 4. It can not be calculated until the market open.
Also, Woodie considers normal market hours for the equity indexes to be 9:30 to 4pm EST. So high and lows used for the pivot calculations can only be established in those hours.

Thanks for a great service,

I have spent some time in Woodie`s CCI room and have hear Woodie say on several different occasions that he does not use pivots in his day trading, that he only uses them on daily charts for swing type trades. Regarding regular trading hours of 9:30 to 4:00, I believe that is referring to CCI settings. Good luck in your trading.
point is simply that the Woodie pivots are being calculated incorrectly on the mypivots page
I have seen it referred to both ways. i.e. Using twice the current day's open and twice the previous day's open. At the time that these pivots are calculated (well before the open) only the previous day's open is available so those are the only figures that can be generated on that page.
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