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NinjaTrader Supports Collective2 Automated Trading

This is a pretty cool announcement and should be a great benefit to the industry. In brief:

The compatibility means that customers can use NinjaTrader to place and monitor trades and have them automatically routed into a C2 trading system. A trading system creator could, for example, use NinjaTrader to trade his own brokerage account while at the same time automatically sell his trading signals to the public via the C2 ( web site. Customers could then subscribe to the black-box system through C2, and could even have the system traded automatically in their own brokerage accounts.

Full press release: Collective2 NinjaTrader Press Release (pdf)
From my understanding, what will happen is that when you place any type of trade on your NinjaTrader DOME, a signal will be sent to Collective2 which will then broadcast the signal to your subscribers and also record your trades, limits, stops etc. to keep an objective record of your trading transactions.

This should be of great interest to system vendors as well as system buyers. A vendor can generate a revenue stream from a potential buyer while the buyer subscribes and watches the signals. At the same time the vendor is creating an objective track record of trades through a third party system. Anybody see any flaws in this?
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