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IBTool - IBInfo button

If you're using the IBTool you will notice that there is an IBInfo button on the chart. (You can switch this off through the options if you don't want it there.) This IBInfo gives you stats about today's IB and historic IB's for that particular symbol. A dialog box pops up with the info and that info is also copied onto the clipboard so that you can paste it into a chat room, email or other windows application. This is what the IBInfo pop-up looked like at 11:30 EST on 23 May 2005:
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IB Info for ER2 on 23 May 2005

As you can see, in the dialog box it tells us that there are 7 days of historic data that have been used in calculating the historic stats for the IB info.

How do we get it to use more data?

You need to get eSignal to load more data in order for this button to produce stats covering a greating time period.

There are 2 ways of doing this:
1. You can scroll backwards in the chart and keep on doing that until you've gone as far back as possible or as far as you want. This will force eSignal to periodically reload data.
2. You can load a time template that forces a certain number of days of data to be loaded:

To create a new time template that looks back 30 days do the following:
1. Right click on an advanced chart and select Time Templates and then Edit...
2. Click the New Template... button and give your template a name.
3. Now click the Update/Add button and where it says # Days fill in the number of days that you want stats for. We want 30 days so we fill in the figure 30 here.
4. Click the Update/Add button again.
5. Close this dialog with the Close button.

Now right click the advanced chart again and select Time Templates and select your newly created time template. This will force eSignal to load as many days as you specified during the creation of this template (30 in this case) and this will give the IB Info button more data to create its stats with.

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