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emini room help

I've never used mIRC and can't find the room to save my life

Any hints, tips, or does the room even still exist?

I've just connected with the room to check that it's still there. The easiest way to get to the room without installing any software is as follows:
  1. Go to: (you might need to install/enable Javascript and accept an out-of-date certificate warning. Results will vary depending on the OS and browser you're using.)

  2. Once you're connected to othernet (this can take as long as a minute) type: /join #emini

You should now be in the #emini trading room.

I had not been there for ages so I connected to take a look. The room moderator appears to be Jef. I don't recall him from when I was last there. there were 31 people in the room which is not very many compared to the 200+ I remember. I did notice some nicknames that I recognized such as fspeculator, Bambam-77, Shoop, Talisman, PapaJon, lo0p and some of the others looked vagely familiar.

I posted the following to try and find out some more info for you but have not had a response yet:

[15:19:53] <guy> hi guys
[15:20:27] <guy> someone (Ditto) was asking about the #emini room in the forum:
[15:20:32] <guy> i haven't been in here for ages
[15:20:50] <guy> can someone give me an update about #emini that I can post in the forum?
[15:20:54] <guy> tia!
it is pretty much dead, same server try #patterns

most people have moved over there
Thanks subq.

Ditto: Type /join #patterns instead of /join #emini when you get to othernet.
Thank you so much!

I'll check them out.