VA Numbers - It's getting late :(

Greetings :)

It is now past 11:30PM EST here and still tomorrow's VA numbers are not posted.

For those of us who do their market prep before going to bed, this is quite frustrating.

Would it be possible for these numbers to be posted at least by 9PM EST after each session?

If you are in need of assistance or volunteers to update the site, I would be more than willing to do so in exchange for getting the VA numbers at a consistent time each day.

Waiting Patiently :)

Sorry about that Dave, and thanks for the offer for help. We're looking into ways in which we can get you guys the info as soon as possible and will hopefully come up with something soon. We'll certainly call on you and other volunteers if and when we need them. My apologies again.
day trading,

You should not feel a need to apologize for providing such a great free service. We all know this data is commercially available for reasonable cost if a person really has to have it in a particular timeframe.