Take a look at the track record page of consensus-trading. That's very good trading.
I took the table of results off the consensus-trading web site and recalculated it in Excel. The records and results on that web site are not accurate with several mistakes and should not be relied on until they are corrected.

Take for example the Long on 25-Aug-05 at 1212 closed on 2-Sep-05 at 1218. Is that really a 9 point profit? Or would a 5th grader calculate that to be 6 points?
Has anyone used collective2.com systems?

I saw these and they look like pretty good swing S&P500 systems

1. BOB DYLAN http://collective2.com/cgi-perl/system46106678

2. THE ROLLING STONES http://collective2.com/cgi-perl/system75421760

3. THE BEATLES http://collective2.com/cgi-perl/system81411332
I noticed that the FTSE trading system is open again for subscribers. Has anyone tried it ?