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e-mini education

Hello all, i am new to this forum and to e- mini trading. I have a very long road of learning ahead of me but i don't know where to start. Could you please recommend to me good books and courses that i should know about? thanks.
Some books listed here that might help: Futures Trading Books.

If you're still learning the basics then you can pick up almost all of that for free on the internet. Try Trading Articles for starters.

Do you know how the market works? There's a good and readable book called The Futures Game by Richard J. Teweles, Frank J. Jones (Who Wins, Who Loses, & Why)
I will post this, and if it inappropriate then you can delete it off, DT. It's not an advertisement at all, just trying to help. I have over 250 free archived commentary on my website, and a slew of free articles addressing various issues about trading. The articles cover a lot of trading myths. This is the type of stuff I wish I had read when I started out. It is all free, and you don't have to sign up, buy anything, or do anything but visit the site and look over the material. I also have an extensive list of recommended reading on there.
Thanks Jim, your site has a lot of good material.

pippa: Just read as much stuff as you can on the web and see what makes sense and what doesn't. If you get stuck on something that you don't understand or require more clarification on then just ask us here in the forum and we'll try and help by explaining it from another angle or in more detail.
I might also add that on my site, the free archived commentary are technique based, and the free articles section is about various trading aspects, like I said, myths and such. I have some articles discussing unrealistic rates of return on mini's, and so on. I would focus on the free article section to start.
thankyou so much for your replies guys i look forward to learning this game and if i have any more questions i will ask. Please if you come across anything worth learning about e-minis then let me know. Thanks.
pippa: Why don't you summarize what you already know and where you think you are lacking in knowledge and we'll try and point you at the right resources.
DT: i need to know the fundamentals of the stock indexes ie DJIA, Nasdaq, S&P etc. & how are these markets related to the bond, forex, the asian and European markets.
The theory of interdependcy of markets is vastly over-rated. Focus on one or two markets at the most and try to learn how they behave. You will never figure out the game if you try to tackle everything.
pippa: One of the ways to relate one market to another is by measuring the correlation coefficient of those 2 markets. This deserves a new topic: Correlation of Market Movements.
I often discuss what I call intermarket dynamics in my free commentary. I am always watching the relationships between the stock indices, rates, crude, metals, currencies, and lately grains and other things they pour money into nowadays. It can get complex, and in my opinion is advanced material that I wouldn't look at until after I had my core methodology down.