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Easy Instructions to Post a chart

Step 1 (once off)
First your need to have an account on the forum. If you don't have an account then Register by clicking here.

Step 2 - Capturing the image
  1. Open MSPaint: Click Start -> Run and then type mspaint and click OK

  2. Select the window you want to post.

  3. Hold down the Alt key and press the PrtScrn key.

  4. Switch to MSPaint and hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter V

  5. Now resize and save the file as a PNG file to your hard disk.

Step 3 - Posting the image
  1. Go to the charts forum here.

  2. Click the New Topic link.

  3. Below the message box you will see an Attach File label. Next to it is an Upload link. Click this link.

  4. Use the Browse button to select the file that you saved and fill in any other info that you want and then click the Upload button.

  5. A link will then be put into the message box which looks something like this: [file]20050223_trade1.png,3,,[/file]. This link will become an image after you click the Post New Topic.

  6. Now click the Post New Topic and your chart/image should appear.