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Perhaps this has been discussed before, but has anyone used or had success with ?

When googled, it claims a 91.5% forecasting success.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I'm not convinced.

Any thoughts?

Tom Hougaard ( has a similar concept that he calls the Market Map. I've followed him on and off for several years and a long time ago I looked at his Market Map but it wasn't very accurate and was of no use to me trading. Compare what he has to what Emini Forecaster has.

Remember that all forecasting is based on extrapolating historic price patterns and other historic data into the future. This is essentially the same as looking for real time indicators that let you know that the probability of an X point price rise is Y % so it's the repackaging of a combination of indicators to look like a forecasting model.

Whether their system works or not I have no idea because this is the first I've heard of them.
I used this service from March to April, 2007. The only thing I can say is that you are NOT able to generate consistent profit with there forecase.
After I used this service and several others, I realized that no forecasting will work because the market is unpredictable. The only thing you need to do is try to understand the market. Then you will have a good chance to be on the right side.
I just sat down to study the "Mind over Markets" and joined several technical indicator training classes.
Anyway, trading has a very steep learning curve and there is no shortcut.

Hope it helps
Thanks for the replys, guys! This really helps me in my trading journey!

Comelite, I noticed that you are reading 'mind over markets', are you signing up for jpjtrading?
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