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RT; per side; Can someone explain these?

Am having trouble understanding the commissions and fees of brokers. I am talking emini s&p 500; daytrading.

RT, or round turn charges: are these charges for a buy/sell, then exit? Do you get charged for a stop loss or is that included in the RT. What about trail stops? Is that another order? Will separate charges apply, or is that included in the RT charges?

What exactly are per side charges on a trade?

I like to know more about this. Can someone point me to articles on the web, etc.


Here are some links that might help Round Trip Transaction Costs, Per Side Costs.

You get charged commissions, fees, taxes on each contract on each side. e.g. You go long 1 contract on ES, you get charged (say) $2.00. This $2.00 includes the broker's commission, the exchange fees, taxes and other miscellaneous charges. When you close the position you get charged a further $2.00. Your round trip charge is $4.00 per contract.

You don't get charged to place a stop or a limit order but if a trade is executed at that price then you get charged for the execution of the trade on a per side per contract basis.

Let me know if that answers your question.

Thanks DT. I checked out the link, as well. Good.
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