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Where Should I Start?

My name is Gerald. I am 31. I have been reading about investment opportunities in the market for some time now. It is all so complicated to me that I have shied away from the subject. Currently, I have decided to become a dedicated investor and am interested in finding out about day trading strategies, systems, tips, stock, and online opportunities that I can implement and start making money in the market. Any advice on a nice place to start will be greatly appreciated.

First let me congratulate you on your decision to take a proactive stance on investing at your age. I did not start until age 44.

It's been several days since your post and I haven't seen anyone respond to your query. Perhaps it is because your post is lacking enough information. If you could narrow down the field a little maybe that would help, with info like are you looking to be an active trader who has the ability and access to trade during Market hours, or are you looking for long term investing? What is the general amount you are looking to invest, and how much at of that at one time? Are you looking to make a living from your participation or build a retirement portfolio?

I hope providing some more information gains you better results to your post.

Best of Luck
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