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Can an Investor Make Real Money Daytrading?

I’m 24 year old and extremely focused on preparing for my future now. I believe to be forewarned is to be forearmed. As a result, I am actively researching all sources of information available to me on day trading. I am new to this subject matter of investments and the market; so any information on strategies, systems, trading tips, stocks, along with all my online options.

Is this really a credible investment opportunity? Can you really make money day trading?
drueeu: Yes you can but it's not easy. Of all the advice and lists of advice that I could give to someone who is starting out trading the number one item would be the following:

Don't trade a penny of real money until you have profitably paper traded for at least six months.

This is a pretty tough thing to do because it means that trading will be costing you money and not making you money until you've learned how to do it. However, it will be costing you far less if you're paper trading than if you used real money while learning.
I couldn't agree more with DT's number one item. You can find a slew of free articles on my site, one on simulation trading, and two on realistic expectations, among many others. I also have over 250 free commentary. My style is a lot different than most of what you see here, but it applies to intraday trading. I'm known for trying to show 'the other side' of issues, and for trying to point out how much time and effort it takes to learn to trade. If you want to see someone tell you it isn't as easy as the vendors say, check out my free material.
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