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Battle of the Pivots: Classic vs. Woodie

Hey guys,

I do a lot of pivot work and i wanted to see if anyone had answers to these questions:

1. Anyone have stats on which (Classic or Woodie) hold stronger support/resistance for day trading the mini's?

2. In the 'Daily Notes' Section of MyPivots, under the YM Z7, Daily and Weekly Pivots listed for both Classic and Woodie pivots are DIFFERENT than when you use the PIVOT POINT CALCULATOR that is listed on this website. Has anyone found a way to make the PIVOTS and MIDPOINTS match up to other sources of these values?

For instance, I cant use the calculator on this website b/c its not consistant with anyone else's info. It doesnt matter who is CORRECT, all the matters is what everyone is using as S/R in the form of pivots and midpoints.

3. Does anyone have a solution to getting the easiest info available for the accurate Pivots and Midpoints for both CLASSIC and WOODIE pivots?

thanks in advance everyone, stick to your plan!
On point 2, I just checked and the Pivot Point Calculator and the Daily Notes match. You probably put the wrong numbers into the Pivot Point Calculator. Use the same Open, High, Low, Close values that are on the Daily Notes page if you want them to match.
Hey Joe,

The best way to get accurate numbers is to take the open, high, low, and close numbers directly from the exchange the contract trades on and then enter them manually into your charting program. If you use the data feed sometimes they will be incorrect. ES, NQ, and ER2 can be found at
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