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Systemic Trading's Best Feature

This morning, I woke up to the noise of the Techno song on my cell phone’s text message ring-tone. It was an entry signal alert! Even though I was sleepy I knew we were in a long position from the last trading day. I was aggravated because I though the market has dropped more and another signal triggered. But when I opened my Trading Program I noticed the account was up significantly. The thought of manually selling hit me several times, I was a click away from closing the position. But no, I had to go by the rules. The rules of the system or it will not be a system.

To me the best attribute of Systematic Trading is the fact that no manual work is involved. There is no guessing, no stress. The hardest part is to trust it. It exited with 164 points on 1 contract and I slept through most of it :).

is anyone actually taking these signals? Perhaps you could post some statments that may match the website..? perhaps you could post your sell signal statment from today ..These could go a long way to credibility..

Congrats on your 164 point trade !

It has been my experience the harsh reality of this business is there is no free lunch in trading. You mentioned there is no stress in using your trading system, and although there is a kernel of truth in that statement, you fail to mention the stress that will be experienced by your customers when the system hits a rough patch, aka. a losing streak.... at which point your statement "the hardest part is to trust it" will come to fruition. The test of time plays no favorites I am sorry to say.

anyways, best of luck to your customers especially when it comes time to trust the system after the magic wears off.
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