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News/Economic events

News/Economic reports are the biggest market movers. Any good link where one can access news as it happens. I mean like internet radio etc etc.
Here is a list of Economic Events that will take place today but as-it's-happening - I don't know of any source but there must be one. Would be a useful resource if anybody knows of one. Thanks for bringing up the topic kbi.
bloomberg radio is free
Yes no doubt Bloomberg is a good source, but in my opinion, on some occassions, the market has already made its move by the time the report is broadcast. The result is that we miss a good chunk of the move and what the outcome is we all know. Is there any govt. website/broadcast that gets updated before it?
kbi, you have me intrigued in trying to find an internet radio source for economic news as it's released. I've spent some time scouring the internet but can't find anything. One of the ways to get this information audibly is to be in a free trading chat room where someone calls it out as it's released. This is the only free internet audio alternative that I can think of right now.
Free trading room is a good idea. But how does one go about finding a good trading room. Any leads on that?
Same as finding anything, search the net. The Trading Zone gets a lot of positive comments. It is always open to visitors and you never have to buy anything or pay for anything if you don't want to and there's no limit to how long you can stay in there. I would imagine that when economic numbers are released that someone in that room will be calling them out. I'm assuming that you need audio right? If you don't need audio and just want the text scrolling for free then there are a number of free IRC chatrooms that will give you that. #newsgroup (I think) on the Othernet gives timely updates.
Attended the Trading Zone chart room today and am really impressed.
I think you mean chat room not chart room. Did they call out economic events as they happened? Would this substitute for an Internet Radio that announced economic events?
Sorry about the typing error. Yes I meant chat room. Tomorrow we have Economic reports so lets see.
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