Are free trading articles worth what you pay?

John Carter and Hubert Senters are speaking at Learn How to Day Trade CME Group Futures at the end of January. One of the things that they are talking about is Trading Gaps. Now I know what some of the material will be because they licensed Fading the Gap from this web site.

Now don't get me wrong about this post. Some traders may get great value out of attending the event and it will be worth every penny to them. What I am answering is a few comments that I've read on forums over the years about only junk being on the internet and there being nothing of value to learn from. I am guessing that everything that they're presenting is already available for free somewhere on there internet.

Now it really depends on how you best learn. Some people learn best by attending events such as this one. Myself, I do well by reading for 30 to 90 minutes each day on a new topic and then asking question about the parts that I don't understand in a forum. Some traders use a hybrid of the two or both. Pick whatever's right for you but ask yourself if the free trading articles are worth what you pay?
Speaking about speaking your mind

I would like to say in a few words about junk trading's junk And people ripping you off for trading information what is available for free if you take the time to look for it.

What I'm referring to is that I've bought so much junk software in the past that my wife said if I buy one more piece of junk software she is going to....

The only software I use now is Delta1 DVATool. And, you know why? Because it works!

And the support is subperb to anything available. To wit, last week I had a minor problem with the DVATool but come to find out it wasn't due to the DVATool, it was because of Esignal's new V10 clitch.

Guess what? Guy answered all my questions that weekend and got me going for the start of trading day the following Monday. Now, that's what I call support, to take time out on a weekend to help a fellow trader.

Have a good weekend
Thanks for the kind words gio!