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I have just had a idea and you might want to start your own version of a trading Co-Op. Now its a rough tought in progress and contributions negative or positive are always welcome.

In the trading business all system or I should say most system's never display any real proof as to what their true system profit and loss is.

Trading is unlike any other business in the sense why should we not look at the financial's before purchasing a business and look at the tax returns filed by the corp. But most system vendors do not want to provide real time P/L because then the facts are always less sexy than the sizzle.

The average system cost is $1500-$3000K, so I purpose that one method of not getting taken by system vendors for the whole amount is, traders should start there own Co-Ops. In general say you know 10 guys that trade you want to buy a system for $3K, then its only $300 buys to each trader. So the trader can buy more system and if the snake oil salesman are true then the financial bite that they takeout of you is less.

Anyways to those who thought I was a system vendor, why would I propose such a thought process, so who is going to be man enough to apologize and delete the voodoo1 hate thread it really hurts my cyberspace
I thought everybody does this already except they just trade , "trading materials"....I have a manual that has been secretly embedded with special codes so if I ever exchange it the vendor can track me down and shoot me. Another manual I have is printed in special ink so if anyone else's eyes gaze upon it, the pages evaporate....I tried scanning it but it just doesn't work....

Now about that T.Zone

Some of these threads are starting to have the same "tone" as the Elite forum.....this increase in market volatility has really brought out the aggression in all of us....
voodoo, I assume you're being sarcastic. What you're proposing is, in effect, stealing from vendors depriving them of income. Most vendors have specific language against doing any of the sort of thing you encourage. No different than software piracy or any other type of larceny.

The more I read your posts which initially made a valid point about vendors backing up claims of success, I now have also come to believe the dedicated voodoo bash thread has merit too.

Both your post are confusing this one and the other on the TTZ, one on one thread you say post the link for the free TTZ info and on this thread you say its illegal to post such a link in theory. Your thought process maybe a little flawed, rethink what you are saying and try again.

Also if you dont like my posts, dont read them.

Ruvan bash away in the voodoo1 thread,lol, at least I have my own
No need to rethink my position as it is clear as white light.

It is one thing to intentionally violate an agreeemnt, copyright laws, patents and the like and another to ask someone, i.e., YOU, who submits that confidential or proprietary information is ALREADY in the public domain to post that link. You have stated that TTZ methods have been posted on the Internet by a disattisfied customer. That customer is doing the wrong if any wrongdoing exists.

Are you implying the dissatisfied customer is in fact you?

Regardless, your co-op idea advocates an unethical scheme to defraud vendors' fair compensation for their goods and services. The irony is evident from one who advocates transparency and full disclosure from the very businesses you brainstorm to rip off through a "co-op."
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